About Saroja La Colorista

As long as Saroja can remember she has been interested in art, drawing and coloring.
She has traveled extensively and is inspired by different landscapes and cultures. She lived many years in India, where she started painting full-time with oils and a palette knife on canvas.
She has also lived and worked many years in Majorca, where she is called ‘La Colorista’, due to her inspired color work.

Already very young she won prices in painting and drawing. Saroja studied informal art in Holland (portrait at the academy of fine arts in Maastricht) and in India (at the school of art and creativity in Poona), but is predominantly self-taught.
She has developed her very own style, color play and technique in abstract landscapes, seascapes, clouds and cosmic vibrations, creating certain feelings and atmospheres. Some are very vibrant, emotional, with strong colors, others are just very quiet monochromes with shades of one tone, Her paintings vary from very small to very big.
Saroja is also a musician and describes her art as akin to music, expressing inner emotion without representing the real world.

Abstraction going into Impressionism or Impressionism going into Expressionism.

“My work is mainly abstract, but mostly with the recognition of landscapes, seascapes and skies, in oil with the pallet knife, but I might use a bright colour under layer of acrylic in contrast of the colours used in the main painting. These translucent effects give a special depth to the artwork. My work goes from quiet monochromes to screaming emotions and very small to big.
I paint intuitive, emotional, mostly without a special thing in mind. I have been working on my own style with oil paint and pallet knife for 30 years. My biggest inspiration is nature itself with all its colours and movements and warmth. The influence of living many years in India, Mallorca and Portugal near the Ocean can be found in my paintings.
My paintings are known for the bright and vibrant colours. In Spain, where I lived and exhibited for many years, I am called ‘La Colorista’.”

Saroja had many exhibitions in different countries and her paintings are represented in many different private collections of art in India, France, Holland, South Korea, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Australia, USA, UK, Norway, Spain and Portugal.

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